Financial policy and clinical guidelines.


Urology Northwest contracts with and processes bills to insurance plans and governmental programs as a courtesy to our patients.  Urology Northwest collects at time of service all amounts we are allowed to collect based on each specific governmental agency or insurance plan.

Urology Northwest is diligent in our objective to provide quality care and service.  Our ability to continue to care for patients is dependent on receiving timely and full payment for services provided.


  • Contact insurance company for basic eligibility and coverage – notification to patient if no coverage is in effect.
  • Timely and accurate billing.  Bills are processed daily.
  • Timely and accurate posting of payments
  • Timely and accurate posting of discounts, contractual allowances or other adjustments
  • Timely notification concerning patient financial responsibility
  • The ability to set up payment plans for clinic services
    • 4 months from service date
  • Variety of payment options (cash, debit/credit card, on-line)
  • Ability to ask questions about your bill and receive timely answers
  • Our assistance in navigating your insurance coverage and policy issues
  • Timely completion of medical leave forms, disability paperwork
    • 1 form is completed as a courtesy.  All subsequent forms are charged at $25.00 each.


  • Co-payment paid on each date of service. If you do not have your co-payment at time of service a $25.00 billing fee will be added to your bill. Co-pays generally not required in Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  • Patient balances paid upon notification of insurance processing
  • Additional co-payment as determined by your insurance carrier
  • Co-Insurance
  • Unmet Deductibles
  • Non-covered services
  • Payment of required deposits or estimation of charges at time of service
    • $250.00 deposit for new patients and $150.00 deposit for all return visits if patient has no insurance, insurance cannot be verified prior to appointment or high deductible has not been met. This is only a deposit and does not include any labs, testing or procedures. Depending on the level of visit that is billed, there may also be a balance due from your office visit.
    • Payment for elective procedures and/or surgeries that are not covered by insurance are due at the time of the pre-procedure/pre-operative appointment.
    • For all non-covered services, patients with no insurance, insurance that is unverifiable; 100% of fee associated with Urology Northwest and/or Urology Northwest Ambulatory Surgery Center is due. If an insurance plan has a high deductible that has not been met; you may be asked to make a deposit towards your services.
    • 100% of charges for office visits and procedures not covered by insurance, or if deductible is not met.
  • Provide accurate and complete information concerning coverage and identify at each visit
  • Keep all scheduled appointments. No-show Appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 4 business hour notice charged at $50.00 per incident.
  • Payment of all incidental fees (forms, letters, no-show appointments): first time as a courtesy, then $25.00 per instance.

The healthcare system can be confusing.  We have put together the following guidelines.  These guidelines are designed to help us provide you the optimal level of patient care and service.

  • Appointment Availability:  Urology Northwest recognizes the need for urgent or same day appointments.  We encourage patients who have an urgent need to schedule with one of our physician assistants.  Our physician assistants work in close collaboration with the physicians.   The physician assistant schedules are designed to allow for more flexibility and therefore they can spend more time with the patient.  A physician is always on site for immediate consultation if needed.
  • Appointment:  Please be prepared to review general demographic information, update some basic medical information, show your current insurance card, picture ID and pay your co-pay.
  • Medication Refills:  Contact your pharmacy first.  Plan for a 72 hour turn-around time between the pharmacy and clinic.  If you have not been seen in the office for six (6) months or longer you will be asked to schedule an appointment BEFORE the refill will be approved.
  • Narcotic Medication Refills:  Urology Northwest does not refill narcotic medication after normal business hours, on weekends or holidays.Phone Messages:  Calls to our office our handled by scheduling staff.  The scheduler will gather key information and will send the provider/MA a message in our electronic medical record system.  Calls are returned at the end of the business day.  You do not need to call our office multiple times.
  • Phone Messages: Calls to our office our handled by scheduling staff. The scheduler will gather key information and will send the provider/MA a message in our electronic medical record system. Calls are returned at the end of the business day. You do not need to call our office multiple times.
  • Possible UTIs:  Urology Northwest does not treat UTIs over the phone.  You were referred to Urology Northwest by your PCP or other specialty provider because your UTIs are complicated.  Therefore, in order to provide you with best level of care and service it is necessary to see you in the office.   We do offer same day appointment availability.   After hours options would be to seek care at an urgent care or emergency room.
  • NO-Show – Missed Appointments:   Our goal is to provide timely access to appointments for patients.  When patients fail to keep appointments, routinely arrive late or have multiple requests for reschedules, other patients needing to be seen on an urgent basis may be denied access to a timely appointment slot.  A fee of $50.00 is charged for every no-show appointment or appointments cancelled with less than 4 business hour notice.   This charge is not billable to your insurance company.
  • Phone Appointments:  In some special cases, the physician may authorize a “phone visit”.  Please see our website (   Go to the Right hand column to “Our Clinic”.  There you’ll see Phone Visits.  Click on that for information about this service.  Your physician must approve these visits.  These visits are not billable to your insurance company.
  • On Call Physician:  A physician is on call 24 hours a day to deal with urological emergencies.  If you believe you have an urological emergency go directly to an urgent care of emergency room.  The urgent care or emergency room physician will be able to assess the problem and will contact the urologist on call if immediate urological care is needed.   The urologist on call will not be able to assess your symptoms over the phone.  Accessing care in an urgent care or emergency room setting will help you receive the right care at the right time.
Urology Northwest Policy on Requests for Charity Assistance

Urology Northwest recognizes that medical problems are not always a planned event. We are committed to helping patients meet their financial obligations and do offer payment plans for those who cannot cover their “out of pocket” expense within thirty (30) days of service or insurance payment. In order for Urology Northwest to meet its financial commitments (staff salaries, rent, medical supplies, utilities, insurance, etc) our expectation is that patient balances are paid within thirty (30) days of service or insurance payment.

Urology Northwest does not discriminate against patients on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability age or marital status.

Urology Northwest does not routinely waive collection of co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles owed by the patient.