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The herbal medicines and supplements provided on our website are items most often recommended by Karny Jacoby, MD, James R. Downey, MD, Susan JS Walters, MD, and Timothy Roddy, MD.

To purchase an item from the dispensary, click on the link below. Your 1st visit will require you to register with Emerson Ecologics as a patient of Urology Northwest.  You can also register with Emerson Ecologics by calling 1-800-654-4432.    The password to enter the site is HEALTH.


Check out our library and resource center which offers recommended books, tapes and CDs.  The items indicated with an * can be purchased at the clinic or you can look for these tools at local book stores.

Our dispensary is built in conjunction with Emerson Ecologics. Urology Northwest PS does receive some monetary benefit when items are purchased through the website.

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