Phone visits.

Our goal is to provide greater access to our established patients by offering some selected follow up appointments by phone. Phone visits will include such services as; medication reviews, lab results, biopsy results or other services that in the medical opinion of the physician will not cause or create medical complications. If the physician feels that the patient’s medical condition or the reason for the appointment is better suited to a face to face appointment the patient will be instructed to make an office visit.

Only established patients are allowed the opportunity to use this service. The patient and physician must agree to the phone visit. These visits are not billed to insurance companies or Medicare. The phone visit will be documented in the chart in the same manner as a face to face appointment. A credit card number is provided at time the appointment is scheduled.

Charges: per 10 minute block $65.00

If phone visits exceed 30 minutes the patient will be required to make in office appointments in the future.

Click here to download the Phone Visit Authorization Form.